Coaching is an investment in intelligence which always pays off

But these days there is a paradox associated with the word “coaching”, it is undoubtedly one of the biggest clichés in management… but even so!

… But even so, for businesses it remains one of the most effective performance levers. Provided that it is used properly:


  • as an investment in managers that have revealed strong potential and that you wish to assist in their development;
  • as a means of accelerating the transition towards a successful career in leadership (reaching higher levels of responsibility, entry into Executive Committees, etc.);
  • as a means, through dialogue with the coach, of encouraging an executive’s independence and ability to produce their own solutions.


A coach is neither a consultant nor a teacher, but an active participant who will put their experience and methodology at the disposal of their client to help them to achieve their goals.


Exchange with a coach is like a voyage where the accompanied person, whilst always remaining in charge, will gradually learn to change their vision, review their frames of reference (certainties, conditioned responses, mental process management, etc.) and achieve a genuine inner transformation that will in turn give rise to new and different decisions, actions and behaviour.