The missions

We propose many different coaching formats.

Here are the most common, but we are always prepared to invent new ones which comply more efficiently with your most extreme needs!

Individual coaching

  • Assertiveness and leadership strengthening. Work on legitimacy and influence within a hierarchy.
  • Optimisation of transition phases (outplacement, new positions or increased responsibilities, passage from expert to manager, post-acquisition phases, expatriation, etc.).
  • Coaching for women executives for the development of “feminine” assertiveness and leadership.


Staff development

  • Change management within company structures, preceded by a detailed diagnostic phase (group culture and sociology, background, management methods)
  • Management team coaching (Executive and Management Committees, project teams) to strengthen collective performance: common reference bases, behaviour and efficiency, shared strategic visions.


Impact communication coaching

  • Public speaking in front of important audiences in high stakes situations.  An approach which uses Anglo-Saxon storytelling tools and message construction, whilst remaining concentrated on coaching dynamics (on being as much as “appearing to be”).

Some examples of recent interventions

  • One of the world’s leading audit and consulting companies (Big4):
    • individual coaching for a number of the firm’s key partners.
    • development and supervision of a feminine leadership program.
  • Leading financial services group:
    • impact communication and transition phase coaching for managers.
    • team coaching for a number of the group’s management committees.
  • International energy industry group:
    • team building for the management team of one of their subsidiaries (cohesion and shared vision strengthening).
    • coaching of a number of expatriated managers.

They put their trust in us

Groupe Air Liquide
Groupe Axa
Groupe Crédit Agricole
BNP Paribas
Right Management
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