The relation between thought, behaviour and feeling.

If you feel uneasy or lack resources in specific situations, this may be because, at that time, your thought processes are emitting restrictive messages, such as: “I can’t do it” or “I’m not up to the situation”. STOP!

Your emotional register will automatically adapt to this and you will start to feel stressed, tense and threatened. Often, without knowing it, your behaviour will respond to this situation through a defensive or passive-aggressive attitude. This can only result in a negative impact on your environment.


The “thought – emotion – behaviour” triptych (known as Beck’s triangle, after one of the founders of the cognitive approach to psychology) is a holistically connected system: as soon as you work on one of the three points, the other two will transform simultaneously. This interrelation is excellent for coaching; it allows your nature to adapt to your priorities and for us to work rapidly to help you to strengthen your effectiveness, influence and flexibility.


If, for example, you decide to start by modifying your behaviour by adopting a constructive attitude, you will feel more agreeable and easy-going, allowing you to be objective about this terrible “conviction” that holds you back. “Presence” and “charisma”, terms which are often misused and misunderstood, are always the result of intense work on this kind of alignment.