Roland & Associés’ international dimension

Be realistic: your problems rarely cease to exist beyond France’s borders. This is an opportunity; we have to cross these borders as much as you do.

If you are planning to propose a 360° perspective debriefing program for 50 high potential staff-members spread out over four different European countries, in their native languages. Has the head of your Amsterdam subsidiary requested coaching, but with a Dutch coach? Has one of your Business Units set up a new international team using a long-term multi-cultural Team Building program?


In all of these cases, our response will immediately take on a global dimension, seeking to avoid the problems which could arise from trying to apply a typically French approach in other countries. To achieve this we work with Leadership Choices, a German-based international coaching agency which has over thirty professional coaches spread out over six different European countries (Their staff includes 10 different nationalities). Thanks to our partnership strategies, we are able to provide coaching throughout the world (find out more at: