Neuroscience in the service of management

Do you feel anxious? Do you have problems taking decisions? Are you or some of your staff-members showing the first signs of burn-out? Act now.

Interpret the signs as a warning: your adaptive intelligence, which will allow you to manage complex situations with calm, is complaining because your mental processes have remained on “auto-pilot”. Learn to put yourself in a position of active observation, to provide your own diagnostic of your situation and adapt your thought process management to the challenge you are facing.


By consciously channelling your thoughts and emotions in a constructive direction, you will gain in efficiency and well-being, and you will also be able to share this with your staff.


We are trained in the neurocognitive approach of Jacques Fradin (you can find out more about this at,

and we also apply Mindfulness approaches which will allow you to increase your presence, to strengthen positive energy and deepen your self-awareness as well as your awareness of others. Mindfulness is in full coherence with the most recent developments in neuroscience, and is one of the most effective means to combat negative stress and the risks of burn-out.