Know yourself, know others, know your impact

Do you have an eye for detail or do you prefer a global approach? Are your decisions guided by logical reasoning, intuition or your essential values?  Explore how you function…

Our psychometric tools allow us to outline the contours of your personality with precision, and consequently help you to have a better understanding of how you relate to the world around you. The awareness of your own preferences and those of the people you are dealing with will allow you to communicate with them more effectively.



We use a number of different tools (MBTI, HBDI, LUMINA, FIRO B) and adapt our coaching tools to suit your nature and your work objectives rather than the other way around. We also use a number of 360° perspective questionnaires to help you to measure the impact of your management and leadership on your staff, peers and superiors.


All of these approaches, regardless of whether they are applied occasionally or at the start of a coaching program, will allow you to work with increased complementarity and to build up an improved symbiosis with your environment. This is essential to the improvement of your effectiveness, influence and presence.