Co-development, a powerful teamwork approach lever

With the co-development approach you will remain constantly involved in your own “system” – never a bystander, or even worse, a victim…

The principles of co-development are simple:

  • high levels of implication from all participants;
  • the collective elaboration of working axes;
  • a lot of practical and experimental application
  • an integral approach combining behaviour, thought and feeling.


This kind of approach is not easy to facilitate, it requires a thorough experience of group dynamics.


An example of a co-development workshop: each team-member takes turns to present the essential problem they are facing at the time to the others. They then go into a purely “receptive” mode and benefit from the suggestions and views provided by each of the other team-members. This is an excellent means of working on active listening and the activation of collective intelligence, everyone contributes including those who are not directly related with the problem.