All companies, Business Units and team projects are living organisms

Are you planning to reorganise your specialised business unit? Are you a HR Manager considering how to manage changes to your evolving sector? See more.

To increase your chances of success it is often useful to go through a diagnostic phase, a thorough analysis of your organisation, before selecting a specific tool.


During this analytic and diagnostic phase we will look at the essential factors of the “system” to understand its culture, working process, leadership methods, energy reserves and potential blocking points. We will look at how the group of people which makes up the organisation communicates, takes decisions, resolves its crises and disputes, reports internally and creates (or not) a sense of conviviality and pleasure in working together.


Once more the coaching approach can be effective; the quality of the relationship will have a direct influence on the quality and depth of the responses.  We will then provide you with our own findings and suggestions… you will then be totally free to apply them with support from ourselves or another agent.